A Prick of Excitement

August 10th, 2008

Once we decided to officially take the leap, we went to get our first round of shots and meds for the upcoming jaunt to Tegucigalpa, Honduras. Hepatitis A, a disease transmitted by water, was the first prick. We also received meds for Malaria and Typhoid.


During our visit, our nurse Betsy was very informative and was able to give us great information on how to stay disease free during our trip.

Fun Facts about Disease!

Fact: Mosquitoes transmit both Malaria and Typhoid.

Second Fact: Only nighttime mosquitoes carry Malaria. Daytime insects present significant risk to Dengue Fever. Bottom-line, insects are a serious concern when traveling in Honduras.

Third Fact: The majority of injuries that occur while traveling in under developed countries were not caused by diseases as most, including us, thought. In fact, physical injuries resulting from things like clumsiness were more common.

american medical kits

Thanks to our wonderful sponsors Adventure Medical Kits, we are fully armed for insect defense. They generously donated plenty of deet based repellent. Backpod is also privileged to test out certain backpacking medical products for travel specifically to developing countries for AMK.