Give Inspiration to Find Inspiration

June 30th, 2008

We are now in the midst of asking for funding and donations, and are finding that it’s hard to find a person who is willing to give to something that has not yet happened. Individuals may find it hard to support for any number of reasons, but we hope one thing is for certain; it is not for the lack of inspiration.

Watching Backpod evolve into a complete idea has been so encouraging. Now that we have released it to the eyes of the public, we are finding – it’s not so bad. What was previously seen as fear of rejection and acceptance has now turned into a blossoming belief that the art of Backpod can promote change.

Recently, various quotes from our supporters who see potential have inspired us. We want to share a couple now in hopes that this may too inspire you!

“I read your blog on procrastination and everyone who aspires to greatness feels that way…every journey is one step at a time…I think your vision is really cool.” Dan Cruikshank, Founder, Granite Gear

“keep moving forward…this is a wonderful work you are doing…have decided that those people who get things done are those that persevere….” Deborah Bell, Co-founder of Refuge International (Guatemala)

“I wish I had the balls to do something like this. Right on! Kingsporters making a difference in the world! :-)” Sandra Hillhouse, Facebook Group

“Right on, Hope you all get the funding you need” Daniel Gill Ghielmetti, Facebook Group

“i LOVE it. great work you guys! i’m more than impressed.” Lisa Cyr, Myspace