June 11th, 2008

We realized that we have been pushing back deadlines, creating obstacles that didn’t exist, and if they did exist we were allowing them to distract us in an unnecessary way. When we sat down to confront those issues the truth came out – we are scared of failing. The fear is committing to the project because that exposes us to the chance of failure. It is hard to tell people, We need YOU. Asking individuals to invest in YOUR project as an audience, a donor, or support is SCARY.

Now we suppose it is out of our hands. Can this project happen?

After acknowledging our outlook, we collectively decided the idea behind Backpod is important and even though people’s acceptance is out of our hands we must try. Sometimes that is all you can do is try, and hope that people will find value in what you are trying to do.

One person can better the world, but together many people can change it. Can we change the world?

Here is our first video podcast – Backpod:The Idea