It’s ALIVE! 

The creative process has begun here at Backpod.  As the project starts to come to life here at the editing desk, we see more clearly the hurdles we must overcome – the reality that we are ONLY three people producing such an exorbitant amount of work.

What our creative process looks like: editing. organizing. sleeping. writing. eating. brainstorming, not sleeping, watching footage, organizing, editing…many many time consuming hours of footage.

HOWEVER, we love it, couldn’t think of anything else we would rather be doing, and have always been up for the challenge – oh and did we mention WE LOVE IT!!!!!

*We are very excited to announce that Episode One of our trip to Honduras and Global Brigades is set to be released in DECEMBER 2008! We will be sure to keep you posted as the release date nears. For now be sure to check out our first album on Flickr – Honduras at a Glance.