We Get By With a Little Help From Our Friends

Thanks to our wonderful support system, Backpod has been able to accomplish the biggest feat for us to date – completing our inaugural trip to the country of Honduras! Our support has revealed itself in all sizes, from packages big to small and through donations made by individuals to major companies.

We want to give a very warm “THANK YOU” to all of you who have been there for us. You helped make this project come to life as we begin posting videopods!

ADVENTURE MEDICAL KITS is a company who has dedicated itself to allowing everyone safe enjoyment of the outdoors. They recently created a safety kit focused on international travel – and they allowed Team Backpod to test it out during the expedition in Honduras. They provided us with all sorts of medical supplies and gear for travel – and believe me these supplies became quite useful.

To make a long story short, we have been given the opportunity to be guest bloggers for AMK – and they recently posted a Backpod story on their blog!
See what type of encounter Backpod had with these rambunctious kids!

See what type of encounter Backpod had with these rambunctious kids!

Backpod would also like to once again show our gratitude to those individuals who have helped by recognizing our HONDURAS HELPERS. Check out our HONDURAS HELPERS, and learn how you can become one! They have stepped up to help – we love our HONDURAS HELPERS! http://www.backpod.org/HH%20Supporters.html